Company Activity

The company activity includes the following

               Casting of metals and metal alloys such as:

  • Spare parts pigged from steel
  • Cast iron
  • Copper
  • Cluminium alloys
  • Cast Iron castings

    Which includes , Raw Shafts, Rollers, Coils, Fans, Gears and all kinds of sanitary drain sink covers

    Copper Castings

    Which includes, Fans, Valves, Sprocket wheel gears, Raw Shafts and Copper Frames etc.

    Aluminium Casting

    Which includes, Rollers, Fans, Raw shafts, Gears etc.

    Hydraulic (Ram) Press

    Manufacturing of Hydraulic Presses, Steel Moulds and cutters such as, hydraulic presses for manufacturing of cement tiles, Hydraulic presses for cement blocks, Hydraulic presses for metal works, manufacturing hydraulic presses for re-usage of metals, plastic, and paper materials, hydraulic presses for general workshop          

    Steel Moulds

     Special moulds for designing and preparation of metal materials, Aluminium casting moulds, moulds for casting rubber and plastic special moulds for deep drawn process

    Universal machine workshop

    Universal machine workshop for machining and assembling of engineering parts. Machining and finishing of engineering parts using (Lathe Machines-0.5 Mtr-3.7 Mtr) Planners light and heavy duty, shapers, boring machines, vertical and horizontal , millings and hopping machine, drilling equipment ( 100 mm-100mm)

    Universal Metals Workshop

    Universal metal fabrication workshop for structural design and assembling, includes cutting forming, bending, welding and assembling of different metal structure. Large ventilators, rails and wagons, Internal mobile winches, variable- speed heavy gears, mobile primary metal bars, fixed secondary metal bases, joint and connection rods etc.

    However creativity quality and confidence in our company and its products are the main features and characteristic that give us a priority among our customers, In addition, our service also include presenting the proper consultation to our customers and  directing them to select the appropriate products and to provide  them with the best solution for their needs.

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