Ourís is a leading business in the fields of general engineering, metals processing and casting. Our fabrication and machine shops produce a range of machinery, hydraulic presses, moulds, dies, steel structures and other assemblies to military MIL-D-45208A standards. We have facilities for recycling and casting a range of materials- including cast iron, brass, bronzes, and aluminum- into machinery parts based on British standard 1400:1985.

We also have the capacity to carry out on Ė site fabrication and installation work whenever we are needed. Many of our products are engineered in-house and our designs and are currently in use across Saudi Arabia and the gulf states.

Over the past fifty years we have built up a reputation for being able to act swiftly and for being able to provide to our clients the best possible service and technical support.

Our goal is to become a world class competitor in the engineering industry.

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